Table Side Book
Using the archived articles from a public archive, a coffee table book was created using the journal logs, photos, and etc. The book itself describes the experience of a group that became the first expedition to make it down the Colorado River by raft.
El Niño
Magazine Article

The premise of the El Niño project came to being under the anticipation of El Niño, a large storm that brings in large amounts of rainfall every few years, while still dealing with California drought. A photo was taken of a normal area and then was edited into a magazine article image, that simulated what the area would look like if it were under heavy rains and flood.
Ex Machina
Man Becomes Machine
With rapidly improving  technology, a fear has slowly begun to develop in some people. This fear includes people becoming taken over by machines, or people becoming machines themselves. An image of a female was taken and then edited to look like if she was starting to become integrated into a cyborg. The secondary theme is the potential evolution of beauty if technology became integrated into cosmetics.
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